• Somalia

  • Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 6:05 AM

Somali Women Challenge Social Taboos by Forming Football Team

Members of a Somali women’s football club are breaking social norms and overcoming many challenges to keep their dream of representing their country at continental and global levels alive. Eight years after founding Banadir FC for women, team players and staff are still struggling against social stereotypes about women playing sports, security problems that hinder travel between stadiums, as well ...

Israeli Forces Leave Havoc in Their Wake in the West Bank’s al-Far’a Camp, Palestinians Say

Israeli forces stormed al-Far’a camp in the West Bank and carried out search and detention operations, leaving ruins to the streets, utilities and parked cars in their wake, Palestinian eyewitnesses said on Monday. “The [Israeli] army soldiers entered the camp and turned wreaked havoc with it, opened fire in the direction of cars, raided several houses, detained some people and randomly shot at ho...


  • Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 8:35 AM

Displaced Yemenis in Marib Suffering Inside Tents During Eid Which Feels Like “Any Other Day”

Residents of a displacement camp in the city of Marib, Yemen, say they cannot experience the joys of Eid al-Adha while living away from home and loved ones, in tents that offer no protection against the harsh changes of seasons. A father who resides in the camp questions how they should celebrate Eid when they do not have any food for the day, let alone the ability to buy udhiya (sacrificial anima...

  • Syria

  • Friday, June 14, 2024 at 5:07 AM

High Prices of Eid Sacrificial Animals Adds to Syrians’ Financial Burdens in Qamishli

Livestock markets in the city of Qamishli, northeastern Syria, are witnessing a decline in trade due to the notable hike in the costs of Eid al-Adha sacrificial animals. Financially capable Muslims traditionally buy sacrificial animals or meat during Eid al-Adha to share with family and feed the poor. This practice known as “Qurbani” commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son,...

  • Egypt

  • Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 5:15 AM

A moderate demand in Egypt for Eid al-Adha Sacrificial Meat Despite Soaring Prices

Egyptians have not been deterred from visiting butcher shops and livestock markets to buy sacrificial animals and meat for the upcoming Eid al-Adha, despite the recent significant increase in prices. The Arab world’s most populous country is going through deteriorating economic conditions, high inflation rates and a decline in purchasing power, but markets are still witnessing a moderate demand fo...

  • Somalia

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 7:11 AM

Construction Boom in Mogadishu Boosted by Real Estate Recovery

The Somali capital, Mogadishu, has witnessed notable urban growth since the end of the country’s civil war, and the ensuing relative calm and stability has enabled Somalis to embark on the construction of new residential complexes, especially in the suburbs. The new al-Jazeera Estate is an example of the up-and-coming housing projects currently underway in Mogadishu. The project’s manager confirms...

Palestinian Man Says Israeli Special Forces Killed Son, 3 Others West of Ramallah

A Palestinian man in the village of Kafr Ni’ma, west of Ramallah, in the West Bank, said that an Israeli special force killed his son and three others, deliberately shooting them near the family’s house on Monday evening. “We heard shooting, so we we went out to see what was going on, only to find that they had killed my son. My son had prayed and gone out. They shot him dead at the house gate, in...

  • Iraq

  • Monday, June 10, 2024 at 12:03 PM

Disabled Iraqis Urge More Government Services

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has criticized the Iraqi government’s “failure” to protect the right of disabled people to employment, although their rights were included in its national laws. This oversight has resulted in unemployment for thousands of disabled people. HRW pointed out in a statement that the Iraqi government and that of the Kurdistan region have laws stipulating that 5% of public sector...

Saudi’s Dhahran Techno Valley Holds Conference Commemorating World Environment Day

The Dhahran Techno Valley in Saudi Arabia hosted a conference and an exhibition commemorating World Environment Day with the participation of companies and associations specialising in environmental protection. The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture said in a press release that celebrating World Environment Day comes as an affirmation of the Saudi role in leading the “green era” ...

  • Libya

  • Thursday, June 6, 2024 at 10:19 AM

Libyans Tackle Liquidity Crisis by Using Electronic Card Payments

Mohammed Ramadan has to carry cash in addition to his electronic payment card whenever he goes shopping in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, so as to avoid the inconvenience of some stores not accepting card payments, or encountering situations when his card may not work, such as when the systems are down. He hopes that commercial banks in Libya will improve the electronic card payment service becaus...

  • Iraq

  • Thursday, June 6, 2024 at 7:46 AM

Convoy Carrying Hundreds of Tons of Aid Leaves Baghdad for Gaza

A convoy of ten trucks carrying around 500 tons of humanitarian aid has left the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, bound for the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society said in a statement that it is the largest food and medical aid convoy to be sent by land, in coordination with the Iraqi government communication team, to the people of Gaza. Kassem Faraj Saleh al-Bedri, a member of the gove...

  • Syria

  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 5:51 AM

Iran’s Acting FM Visits Damascus to Discuss Gaza and Regional Developments

Acting Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani met his Syrian counterpart Faisal al-Mekdad in the Syrian capital Damascus, on his first foreign tour since taking office following the death of his predecessor, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in a plane crash last month. During a press conference with Mekdad, Kani said that his visit to Damascus fell within the framework of discussing ways to support th...

  • UAE

  • Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at 4:44 AM

Dubai Hosts 80th IATA Annual General Meeting to Ponder Industry’s Future

Aviation sector leaders from all over the world are meeting in Dubai at the 80th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the World Air Transport Summit, held from June 2 to 4. The event, convened for the first time in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is expected to be attended by more than 1,500 leaders of the aviation sector and government officials. ...

  • Syria

  • Friday, May 31, 2024 at 5:57 AM

President of the Homs Criminal Court and Son Wounded in Blast in the Syrian city of Homs

Syria’s official TV channel has announced that the President of the Homs Criminal Court and his son were seriously wounded on Thursday when an explosive charge attached to the vehicle in which they were driving detonated, leaving three people injured. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the blast had taken place in a tourist vehicle in al-Shammas neighborhood, Homs, near the university do...

  • Jordan

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 5:15 AM

Jordan Hosts Forum Discussing the Future of the Digital Economy in OIC Countries

The “Invest in Digital Economy” forum was launched in the Jordanian capital to discuss laying the institutional foundations for the future of the digital economy in Jordan and the countries under the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Under the title “Amman, the Capital of Digital Economy,” the two-day forum is hosted by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Islamic Chambe...

  • Morocco

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 4:45 AM

Moroccans Grumble as Gas Cylinder Price Rises Demanding Serious Solutions

A decision by the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance to increase the price of butane gas cylinders has sparked a public outcry in this North African nation, where the citizens were already complaining about price hikes. In a statement, the ministry announced that the price increase decision was effective as of Monday. “As part of a program to reduce direct subsidies, from which 3.6 million f...

  • Sudan

  • Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 5:35 AM

Prices of Goods and Services in Sudanese Markets Continuously Soar

The markets in war-torn Sudan have been witnessing continuous price hikes on all consumer commodities and public services, especially transportation, exacerbating pressures on the citizens and negatively affecting local trade, as the fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) enters its second year. Traders attribute the situation to the scarcity of commodities as stocks were dep...

  • Yemen

  • Monday, May 20, 2024 at 5:31 AM

Lack of Resources Overshadows Education in Yemen’s Abyan Governate

Elementary school students in Lawdar district, in the Yemeni province of Abyan, are facing difficulties due to a lack of school buildings and facilities, forcing teachers to give their lessons in the open, under the trees, in difficult conditions. Aly al-Yafei, Director of Lawdar Education Department, complains about the reality of education in the war-torn country in general, and the lack of gove...