• Dhahran

  • Friday, June 7, 2024 at 10:21 AM
    Last Update : Friday, June 7, 2024 at 10:21 AM

Saudi’s Dhahran Techno Valley Holds Conference Commemorating World Environment Day

(AWP) - The Dhahran Techno Valley in Saudi Arabia hosted a conference and an exhibition commemorating World Environment Day with the participation of companies and associations specialising in environmental protection.

The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture said in a press release that celebrating World Environment Day comes as an affirmation of the Saudi role in leading the “green era” and launching initiatives aimed at preserving the environment, enhancing the sustainability of vegetation, combating desertification and drought, in addition to raising environmental awareness among local and regional communities.

The event highlighted the urgent need for global investment in policies and measures that enhance nature conservation and achieve a sustainable future for all. The need to mobilise national and global efforts to protect and rehabilitate ecosystems around the world in line with sustainable development goals was similarly discussed.

Turki al-Subaie, a board member of the Saudi Chemical Research and Innovation Society, said, “Today, 14 companies have gathered here to educate the community on their consumption of energy and water, how to dispose of waste, and how to use green products.”

Abdulaziz al-Otaibi, a member of the Saudi Environmental Society, said, “One of the benefits of the society is to lay the foundation for new initiatives in which people interested in technologies used to protect the environment come together, and an audience learns about the environment and the goals of environmental protection.”

Ahmed al-Hatem, president of a company specialising in environmental waste recycling who participated in the event, pointed out “the great interest from the leadership regarding the environment, recycling, and utilizing existing and currently wasted energy” adding that “all the companies present are specialized in the environment and recycling of both oil and non-oil waste.”

His comments were echoed by Khaled al-Obaid, Chairman of the Board of Directors of al-Tawij Society for Human Resources Industry who said, “The presence of these companies enhances their participation in spreading social responsibility and concern for environmental aspects.”

World Environment Day garners significant international attention due to the magnitude of the environmental challenges that pose an increasing threat to the planet and its population, such as drought, desertification, and land degradation.