Text Wire

  • Provides breaking news in a timely manner from all over the Arab region around the clock
  • Comprehensive news and reports on the most important events in the Arab region
  • Provides investigative articles along with articles with specialized analysis that are prepared by our journalists around the world
  • Exclusive interviews with officials, experts, and specialists that answer important issues and concerns of the reader

Image Wire

  • Provides subscribers with high quality images from the heart of the event
  • Various collections of images and a lot of exclusive options for our subscribers
  • AWP has a wide network of photographers that allow us to be present wherever an event takes place and at any time
  • Detailed descriptions of each photo a large photo files for each event is provided to the subscriber

Video Wire

  • TV reports which include the latest daily news in the Arab region
  • TV reports that review the most important issues and topics in Arab countries
  • TV reports that provides subscribers with all news in the Middle East
  • Exclusive snapshots of the most important events in Arab countries

Infographic Wire

  • Infographics that include latest statistics and data on what matters most to subscribers from its original sources
  • This feed keeps pace with developments in politics, economy, sports and the arts, so that the subscriber can see them from all angles
  • Provides infographics with accurate data that provides the subscriber with all the background information needed

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