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  • Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 5:39 AM
    Last Update : Tuesday, June 25, 2024 at 5:39 AM

Israeli Forces Leave Havoc in Their Wake in the West Bank’s al-Far’a Camp, Palestinians Say

(AWP) - Israeli forces stormed al-Far’a camp in the West Bank and carried out search and detention operations, leaving ruins to the streets, utilities and parked cars in their wake, Palestinian eyewitnesses said on Monday.

“The [Israeli] army soldiers entered the camp and turned wreaked havoc with it, opened fire in the direction of cars, raided several houses, detained some people and randomly shot at houses,” Yahya Sobeh, a Palestinian young man who lives in al-Far’a camp, said in statements to the Arab World Press (AWP).

“They entered with their military vehicles, scared the children, besieged the camp and completely sealed it off. They opened fire even at any persons looking out of their home windows,” he added.

Earlier, the Palestinian news agency WAFA said the Israeli forces raided the camp with several military vehicles and a bulldozer and summoned reinforcements.

Violent clashes erupted with the Israeli forces in and around the camp, it added.

For his part, Ahmed al-Aydi, a Palestinian who lives in al-Far’a camp, said, “We had been forced out of our lands and live in al-Far’a camp since 1948.”

“We will never forget our lands in the 1948 areas. If our children failed to liberate them, our grandchildren would do it. Our communities abroad and in Europe would liberate them. We will not forget. We are patient and adamant. We are not afraid of the occupation army nor care about Netanyahu’s lies. We do not care about this trickster or his army,” he emphasized.

Palestinian territories in the West Bank have been the scene of Israeli military operations that escalated during the past months since Israel waged its war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.