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  • Monday, November 27, 2023 at 2:14 PM
    Last Update : Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 5:29 AM

Young Iraqi PhD Holder Becomes a Chef to Promote Kurdish Cuisine to Other Cities

(AWP) - Despite holding a PhD in finance, a young Iraqi man, Ammar Saad, possesses a flair for gastronomy that has led him to pursue a career as a chef and to leave Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq to settle in Babel province to promote Kurdish cuisine there.

Saad said, “I hold both Iraqi and Jordanian passports and have been living in Hilla for two years. I have a PhD in banking finance and studied at the universities of California and Virginia.”

He said he relocated to Hilla with the goal of spreading Kurdish food and providing the disadvantaged with good meals at affordable costs.

He explained, “I work here for many reasons. I want to bring the flavours of Sulaymaniyah to Hilla. The people here love the Kurdish cuisine. I also work for the disadvantaged so they can buy meals, including chicken and beef, at affordable prices.”

Saad attracts families in Hilla as his cart is surrounded by customers who admire the young man’s endeavour and background.

One of his customers, Alaa Mahdy, a teacher from Hilla, said, “It is quite a wonderful endeavour from our brother who has a PhD from Sulaymaniyah University, which he brought to the province of Babel. It’s a delightful experience, in addition to the delicious flavour and reasonable prices.”

He added, “This sets an example for the young people; that there are many job opportunities, but they must discover their own talents correctly.”