• Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 11:02 PM
    Last Update : Tuesday, October 17, 2023 at 11:02 PM

Thousands Sheltered at a Gaza Medical Complex Lack Food and Water for Their Families

(AWP) - Thousands of displaced Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have sought refuge in a large square surrounding al-Shifa medical complex, which they consider their safest option amidst the continuous Israeli bombing over the last 10 days.

Among them are those who have come from the neighbourhoods of al-Shujaiyya and al-Saftaweya, close to the Gaza Strip border with Israel, after the Israeli army issued an order to evacuate the area.

A potential ground invasion of Gaza by the Israeli army is anticipated in retaliation for the Hamas attack on Israeli towns and settlements on October 7th.

However, the “haven” does not seem to be providing the displaced with security and they are lacking the most basic necessities of life.

Mohammed Aziz, a displaced Palestinian who fled to the hospital from al-Saftaweya, says that he spent five hours trying to find bread for his children.

He said, "I stood at the bakery for five hours to get bread for my children for breakfast. Children… I have five children with me. What can I do with them? I can endure it wherever I go. I can throw myself down anywhere and bear it, but my children, where do I take them? There is no safe place in Gaza."

Ibrahim Abu Abaleh, another displaced man from al-Shujaiyya district, complained about the lack of food and water.

He said, "We are displaced from al-Shujaiyya. Several houses around us were bombed without warning... without any prior notice. We miraculously got out and walked until we reached al-Shifa Hospital. In the hospital you can see how many people there are. There is no space, nor any of life’s necessities... no water, no bathrooms, no food, no drinks."

"I'm telling you that no one from any institution came to look for us. Not a single one," he added.

It is estimated that 30,000 displaced Palestinians are staying in the area surrounding al-Shifa hospital after failing to find a place in any shelters in the Strip.

Al-Shifa is the biggest medical centre in the Strip, with three specialised hospitals: one for surgeries, one for internal medicine and a third for gynaecology and maternity, with a total capacity of 500 beds.