• Taiz

  • Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 6:38 AM
    Last Update : Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 6:38 AM

The Prolonged Stresses of War in Yemen Increase Heart Condition Rates

(AWP) - Yemeni cardiovascular doctor Abu Dhar al-Jindi has noticed a growing number of cases arriving at the cardiac emergency department of a medical center in the city of Taiz, compared to the situation before the outbreak of war in Yemen.

Jindi, a cardiovascular surgery consultant, said, “Under this war that has entered its 10th year, and in a poor society that does not have good health infrastructure, the citizens are suffering immensely. We speak based on what we are seeing in reality. The observations are real and rely on scientific research.”

He added, “The number of heart patients has been increasing, including patients of younger ages. We used to see patients at the age of 60, but now we see some aged 40.”

He believes that the main causes are clear and listed them: “The war, blockade, anxiety, tension, lack of opportunities to make a living and a lack of adequate cardiac health utilities,” and added that this had impacted “all segments of society.”

The waiting room at the center was full of men and women of different ages, including Saeed Hozam Ahmad, a father of eight children who suffers from heart problems.

He said, “I have a heart disease acquired during the war because of constant stress and the deteriorating economic conditions. I am no longer able to work or provide for my children. The situation has become so difficult.”

Faisal Ahmad Abdel-Ghani, who was waiting to be examined by a doctor, blamed the problems that Yemen is facing for his illness.

“I am one of those who developed a heart condition as a result of these circumstances – the war and the problems in the country,” he complained.

Yemenis have been under huge stress caused by the war, blockade and a crushing economic crisis that has pushed up unemployment and poverty rates and led to a decline in health services, whose costs have become expensive.