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  • Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 5:05 AM
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Sudan’s South Darfur Governor: Battles in Nyala Have Killed Over 1,000 Civilians

(وكالة أنباء العالم العربي) - The governor-designate of South Darfur State announced that more than 1,000 civilians were killed in fierce battles in Nyala between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) since late October 2023.

In an interview with the Arab World Press (AWP), Bashir Mersal described the incidents in Nyala as “systematic destruction” of the city by targeting its infrastructure and looting the main markets. as well as the headquarters of ministries, humanitarian organizations, and universities.

Speaking from his temporary residence in Port Sudan, the capital of the Red Sea state in eastern Sudan, Mersal accused the RSF of waging an “assassination campaign” targeting state officials, in addition to looting residential districts in Nyala.

He explained, “With the outbreak of war in Nyala, the infrastructure of all ministries was targeted. Six ministries have been completely destroyed, and some were set on fire. Universities were vandalized and looted. Some 58 institutions in Nyala were looted.”

He added, “The four main markets in Nyala, which are the largest in the state and perhaps in Sudan as a whole – the market of South Darfur State in Nyala, al-Jeneina market, the cattle market and the local market – were totally destroyed and looted. Nothing there was left standing.”

Mersal continued, “Out of a total 193 residential neighborhoods, 180 were systematically destroyed and looted. There were also assassinations targeting some officials in the state. A total of 1,024 civilians were killed in this war and all property was looted. Complete and systematic destruction.”

He pointed out that several organizations were currently working to deliver medical aid to all hospitals and local health facilities, amid efforts by Sudan’s Federal Health Ministry to provide the required aid.

He noted, “Our brothers in the health affairs department are cooperating with the Federal Ministry of Health to send pharmaceutical aid to all hospitals and health centers in South Darfur State. The Ministry has played a significant role in providing all the required aid, as has the World Health Organization (WHO) through the High Commission for Crisis Management in the region as well as other organizations.”

Mersal explained, “There are now 13 organizations working in unison to send medical aid to the main hospitals – such the Teaching Hospital and the Turkish Hospital in Nyala – as well as all subsidiary hospitals and health centers in all localities. A quantity of medicine is on its way from Rabak city to the hospitals of South Darfur State.”

The South Darfur governor emphasized that all arrangements are underway to provide training for young recruits to cooperate with the 16th Infantry Division of the Sudanese army to recover the city of Nyala from the RSF.

He said, “It is high time we rally our ranks by assembling the 16th Infantry Division. They are ready now in accordance with military activities with the division commander. We are also preparing conscripts who have now been trained at various sites.”

Mersal stressed, “There is a youth group composed of conscripts who defended the 16th Division and fought fierce battled against the rebels. We have everything prepared and they are now ready at various sites to restore the 16th Infantry Division stronghold.”

The Sudanese official asserted that the number of displaced people inside sheltering centers has doubled due the war between the Sudanese army and the RSF since mid-April 2023.

He said, “There are more than 17 camps for displaced people in the state of South Darfur. They house 100,671 families – 525,501 individuals. These were old camps that existed in Kalama, Sakali, al-Serif, Gereida and Kas. After the war, 525,501 were displaced, pushing the total number up to 246,278 families – equivalent to 1,317,157 displaced people,”

“All of them have relocated from different sites. Some are in Al Fasher while others are in East Darfur, the White Nile, Al Jazirah, Sinar and Port Sudan as confirmed by statistics,” Mersal indicated.