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  • Monday, December 18, 2023 at 4:35 AM
    Last Update : Wednesday, December 20, 2023 at 4:44 AM

Sudan’s Darfur Governor Accuses RSF of “Systematic Genocide”

(AWP) - Sudan’s Darfur Region Governor, Minni Arko Minnawi, accused the Rapid Support Forces of “genocide and systematic impoverishment of some tribes in Darfur,” pointing out that he received complaints that the RSF elements stole about 600 vehicles from a single tribe in the city of Nyala, southern Darfur.

In a speech to a meeting of Darfurians and notables of the Red Sea state in the city of Port Sudan on Friday, Minnawi said, “These violations overshadow the positive role played by these forces in overthrowing the former regime and achieving peace through the signing of the Juba Agreement.”

He noted that the number of displaced people in Darfur was three million, which doubled after the war broke out between the RSF and the army due to the killing and forced displacement witnessed in most cities and states of the region.

Minnawi stressed, “Resolving the region’s issues will never be in isolation from a comprehensive political settlement of the current crisis in Sudan via inclusive political dialogue that does not exclude anyone and with wide-scale participation of all the people of Sudan.”

The Darfur Governor noted that all previous peace agreements have not achieved any progress because they were negotiated outside the country.

Minnawi accused the Central Council of Freedom and Change (FFC-Central Council) of approving the dispersal of the General Command sit-in for fear of a ‘counter-revolution’ in light of the constitutional document adopted by the FFC with the military council.

He said, “The biggest remnants [of the former regime] I know are in the Central Council of Freedom and Change (FFC-Central Council). They are my friends but none of them can raise their heads or open their eyes and they say they are not being used. The dates are not long ago and I do not have Alzheimer’s. Write your memoirs when I get it, but not today!”

He added, “Before the dispersal of the sit-in, it was you who first came up with the term ‘counter-revolution’. I was there in that meeting. You said it was a counter-revolution and this sit-in must be dispersed. Less than two months later, what happened, happened.”

Minnawi voiced support for the Sudanese army but said he had reservations about the composition of the military institution in the country, which must be reformed to achieve fair representation for its leaders and elements for all regions of the country.

“The coming period should be ruled only those who can win the Sudanese people’s acceptance through the ballot boxes,” stressed Minnawi.