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  • Friday, April 19, 2024 at 6:49 PM
    Last Update : Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 5:54 AM

PNA to be Present in Gaza After the War, Fatah Deputy Chairman Tells AWP (Interview)

(Arab World Press) -  Deputy Chairman of Fatah Movement, Mahmoud Al-Aloul, said that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) would be present in the Gaza Strip after the war.

“The PNA represents all the Palestinian people. It was never absent from Gaza in the first place,” Aloul said in an interview with the Arab World Press (AWP).

“Many or most of the areas of life there have been run by the PNA, like education, health, energy and others,” he added.

Aloul stressed the need to protect the Palestinian people and bring an end to the “genocidal war” waged by Israel, calling for a political course that would achieve the objective of establishing a Palestinian state.

“The Gaza Strip is part of the Palestinian homeland. When there was international talk of what would come next in Gaza, we said that the issue was not about what’s next in Gaza, but rather what’s next regarding the Palestinian question,” he explained.

“We have exerted all efforts possible to lead the way towards a political horizon regarding Palestinian statehood in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem,” he noted.

The Fatah deputy chief rejected accusations by the Hamas movement that the Palestinian intelligence apparatus had attempted to work in the Gaza Strip during the war.

“Those allegations were not correct at all on this topic. The Palestinian people are one and the same people. The people of Gaza are our sons and families. We would never leave them like this. We did all that we could to support them,” stressed Aloul.

“It is not enough to only reject displacement. Nor should we put the people under very tough living conditions, pushing them to displacement,” he pointed out.

“Accordingly, we had to work on alleviating their suffering. The efforts being exerted by the movement members, security agencies, the intelligence and others, as well as our people in the Gaza Strip, were aimed at delivering humanitarian aid and supporting humanitarian organizations to deliver the needed materials to the citizens,” he said.

“We supported the Palestinian Red Crescent and its distribution points, to send humanitarian aid to the people there,” Aloul indicated.

Earlier this month, Hamas accused the PNA of sending officers into the northern Gaza Strip to “spark chaos inside the home front.”

Aloul affirmed that the Palestinian leadership is coordinating with Egypt and Jordan to stop Israeli plans for the displacement of Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip.