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  • Monday, March 11, 2024 at 1:43 PM
    Last Update : Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 4:04 PM

Palestinians in War-Torn Gaza Decorate the Streets for Ramadan

(AWP) - Despite the scenes of destruction across the district of al-Daraj, Gaza City, and the hunger and dozens dead from dehydration, residents have decorated the streets to preserve their customs and welcome the holy month of Ramadan.

Mansour Zaghra, a local resident, said that although Ramadan this year would be different in light of the ongoing war and its tragic repercussions, they are determined to find some joy, albeit modest, for the children.

He said, “On the first day of Ramadan, all the family members used to gather together, but today they are scattered – some in the north, some in Gaza City. Others have been martyred. Thank God for everything anyway. We are still trying to bring joy to the hearts of children and people to lift them out of the atmosphere of war. We have been hungry for five months and enter Ramadan fasting, but God Almighty will help us. Happy Ramadan to everyone!”

Talin Zaghra, a child from Gaza, expressed her wish for the war to end and a return to normalcy and to celebrate Ramadan like she used to, by baking.

She said, “I want Ramadan to be like it was before and the war ends so we can make qatayef (sweet dumplings) and cakes like we used to. There is nothing to buy at the market. Flour is expensive and everything is expensive. There is no food.”

Jamal al-Jammali, a resident of the district, made a plea to the “good people and people of the civilized world” saying, “What is happening in Gaza is unacceptable. We want to live and we want our children to live a dignified life. Enough!”

Philippe Lazzarini, Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), stressed on Sunday the need for a ceasefire during Ramadan, which began in several Arab countries.

On his page on the X platform, Lazzarini wrote, “The Holy month of Ramadan is here. For the people of Gaza, it comes as extreme hunger spreads, displacement continues and fear and anxiety prevail amid threats of a military operation on Rafah.”

Israel continues its war on the strip since Hamas and other Palestinian factions waged a surprise attack on Israeli towns and adjacent sites on October 7.

The Health Ministry in Gaza said on Monday that the number of fatalities from Israeli shelling on the enclave has risen to 31,045, with 72,654 people injured.