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  • Monday, January 22, 2024 at 7:29:32 AM
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Palestinian Keeps His Cats Amid War and Displacement

(AWP) - A young Palestinian man, Khalil al-Tahrawy, remained confined within his house in Gaza City for about two months once the Israeli war in the Strip began on October 7 until the bombing raids finally forced him to leave and seek refuge in Rafah, southern Gaza. However, despite the harsh circumstances, he refused to abandon his beloved cats.

Tahrawy said that his cats, Sukkar (“Sugar”), Bunduq (“Hazelnut”) and Sushi, are part of his life as he has been caring for them ever since living outside of Palestine.

He said, “I have been displaced for nearly 40 days. I brought my cats along with me because they are part of my life. I could not leave them behind despite the risks involved in bringing them with me. Despite the hardships, I brought them.”

Tahrawy added, “These cats can feel in the same way that humans do. They have also been psychologically affected since the shelling began. They know the difference between how they lived before the war and how things have become now.”

The young Palestinian recounts how life turned upside down for both humans and animals in the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of the war.

“Suddenly our lives changed so much, even for the animals. As humans, our lives were destroyed and we can talk about it, but these cats cannot. They can only express themselves through gestures.”