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  • Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 5:29 AM
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Moroccan Woman Proud of Being First Female Bus Driver in Al-Haouz

(AWP) - Locals of the Al-Haouz province, southwestern Morocco, were not used to seeing a female driving their public buses, a job that remained exclusive to men until Asma Akrim broke this stereotype in the minds of the rural passengers.

Asma has always dreamt of becoming a public bus driver just like her father. She always imagined herself behind the wheel driving through the villages of her province until her dream came true, becoming the first-ever female bus driver in the Al-Haouz region.

She said, “Ever since I was a child, I had this dream to drive a bus. I discussed this with my sister and she suggested I do it. I applied for my license in early 2023.”

Asma explained that while city people are used to seeing female drivers, it is a much rarer sight in rural areas.

“There were concerns about people’s reactions and whether they would be positive. I was blessed to receive encouragement from everyone as they all welcomed and respected me,” she noted.
Asma described her ambition to work hard and “present a beautiful image of the Moroccan, Amazigh and rural women, and convey that they are capable of becoming anything they want.”

The passengers expressed admiration for Asma, describing her as a source of pride for Moroccan women.

Fetiha, riding in Asma’s bus, said, “I do not feel any difference between Asma’s driving and a man’s driving. Personally, I feel honored to see Moroccan women driving buses and trains, and flying airplanes.”

Another female passenger, Hoda, who was riding with Asma for the first time said, “I like her driving and wish her luck. This is wonderful.”