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  • Monday, November 13, 2023 at 6:34 AM
    Last Update : Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 11:08 AM

Lebanon Ready for All Possibilities on Israel’s Threats – Minister

(AWP) - Ali Hamieh, Minister of Public Works and Transport in the Lebanese caretaker cabinet, was touring projects to repair and pave roads in areas in southern Lebanon as tension caused by exchanged shelling between Hezbollah and the Israeli army continues.

Speaking to Arab World Press (AWP), Hamieh said the government takes into consideration all possibilities regarding the Israeli threats, adding Lebanon is ready for all scenarios.

“As for us in Lebanon, we have emergency plans. The Israeli enemy has existed since 1948. We do not need to receive Israeli threats. Developments in Gaza and Palestine are major proof to the Israeli enemy’s criminal practices. This enemy has no problem committing genocides. Consequently, we take the enemy’s conduct into consideration, whether in seaports or the airport. We have emergency plans prior, during and after any possible aggression"  Ali Hamieh, Minister of Public Works and Transport in the Lebanese caretaker cabinet

Hamieh stressed the Lebanese government’s support for the local residents of southern Lebanon areas.

“The objective is not to send messages. Our presence here today among our people expresses our support for steadfastness. A Lebanese government minister is present with the residents only 15 kilometers away from Marjayoun, as the school headmaster said. We have to be here with our own people" - Ali Hamieh, Minister of Public Works and Transport in the Lebanese caretaker cabinet

Meanwhile, Nimr Abdallah, the chief of the Alia municipality in southern Lebanon, expressed appreciation to the government for its interest in paving roads in the area, and hoped such initiatives would go on.

“Our village is 15 kilometers away from Hasbaiyya and 13 or 15 kilometers away from Marjayoun. This means that we represent a point of link among Hasbaiyya, Marjayoun and Jezzine, or in other words the West Bekaa and the south. When the roads are paved, this should mean that there is development and interest in this area. We thank them for this and wish for this initiative to go on,” he added.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah had said on Saturday that the South Lebanon front would remain strong, adding the active and effective political and popular support in Lebanon is worthy of thanks.

He noted that the developments of the battle in the field do impose the next steps, stressing that “in the Lebanon front, eyes must remain open to the field, not the words.”