• Tripoli

  • Monday, March 18, 2024 at 11:49 AM
    Last Update : Monday, March 18, 2024 at 11:49 AM

Lebanese Orthodox Christians in Tripoli Celebrate the Colourful Zambo Festival

(Arab World Press) - Residents of the Port of Tripoli area in northern Lebanon celebrated the very popular and spontaneous Zambo Festival, which is renowned among the country’s Orthodox Christians and falls on the last Sunday before the Great Lent according to the Eastern calendar.

Participants celebrate by wearing old and theatrical costumes that resemble African dancers and ancient Pharaohs, and paint their bodies in black, white, gold and silver.

People of all ages take part in the carnival, attracting the residents of Mina and the Port of Tripoli area, where they have fun, sing, and dance to the rhythm of the music.

Participants walk around in disguise, and they enjoy themselves for a few hours before reaching the beach and jumping into the sea, undeterred by the cold water.

Beshara Hassan, one of the festival organizers, said, “This carnival is almost 100 years old and is passed down from one generation to another. When we were young, we used to run away from school to watch the carnival, which was on a smaller scale back then.”

He added, “The carnival has now developed thanks to the media and social networking and has gained popularity throughout the whole of Lebanon. As you can see, the young people are celebrating a day before the Great Lent begins among Orthodox denominations.”

Local resident Nicola Ghazi said participants paint themselves, dance in the street, and celebrate and have fun together, painting their bodies in black, gold and white.

Young Beshara Hayek says that he waits all year long in anticipation of the joy that the festival brings him.