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Lebanese Footballer Who Dreamt of European Career Killed by Israeli Airstrike

(Arab World Press) -  Lebanese footballer Mustafa Gharib was killed in one of several Israeli strikes on Bekaa Valley last week, which hit a house next to Dar al-Amal Hospital, wounding several of his friends.

Mustafa’s brother, Mohammed Gharib, said, “He was with us in the house, we were gathered together. He went downstairs, and when the bombing happened near Dar al-Amal Hospital, I tried to call Mustafa, but he did not answer. I went down to the hospital, and those present were trying to hide the tragic news. It may have been delayed a little, but what God wanted had happened, and Mustafa was martyred. I thank God for the safety of the young men who were with him, and I hope that He will heal and recover them. God chose him only. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.”

Mustafa Gharib was known among his friends and neighbours for his love and passion for football, which his father encouraged from a very young age.

In addition to excelling at football, Gharib was also a freelance photographer who covered numerous events in his area.

His father, Ali Ghraib, recounted Mustafa’s good character and reputation for kindness among his family and friends.

He said, “Honestly, he was highly polite. He loved his siblings, his mother, his father, his home, and his neighbours. If he knew a neighbour was in trouble, he would try to help him. He was protective and loving.

His relationship with his sisters was more like that of brothers. He always wanted to appease his parents. If he saw one of his brothers upset, Mustafa was their healing balm.”

He added, “He was a role model for the entire house. I am not talking like this about him because he was martyred. This is the truth. Whenever someone in the house needed something, they knew that Mustafa was the key to the solution.”

The ambitious Gharib had played for and led the Shabab Baalbek Sports Club team, dreaming of pursuing a football career in Europe before the Israeli raid tragically ended his life and aspirations. 
Ali Hazimah, Gharib’s teammate at Shabab Baalbek, said, “His dream was to play football professionally abroad, especially in Spain.

He was popular and had no problems with anyone. He was a committed player in all aspects and treated football with high professionalism.”