• Amman

  • Friday, March 29, 2024 at 5:37 AM
    Last Update : Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 6:18 AM

Jordanians Bemoan Food Price Hikes During Ramadan

(AWP) - Complaints are rising among Jordanians regarding the steep increase in prices of food commodities during Ramadan, especially during the first few days of the Muslim holy month.

They point out that prices of poultry and meat, in particular, have risen significantly, adding that the increase varies from one area to another due to some traders seeking to exploit Ramadan to achieve high profits.

“There is a big difference [in prices] between Ramadan and other months. Prices will be different if you buy after Ramadan,” said Jordanian citizen Radwan Jaareh.

His comments were echoed by Sanaa Akila, another Jordanian who said, “Things are difficult for many people, not just a few. Many are struggling during this period, and things are not good at all.”

The Jordanian National Consumer Protection Society registered an increase in the prices of basic food commodities that are integral to families during Ramadan, such as chicken and some types of vegetables.

Nonetheless, the spokesman for the society, Hussein al-Amoush, stressed that there is relative stability in commodity prices after the first week of the month.

He said “We are accustomed to prices rising at the beginning of Ramadan or four or five days before Ramadan. This situation is normal, and I think that it happens not only in Jordan but in all countries worldwide. Prices rise before Ramadan and in the first few days until the sixth, and then prices begin to decline for various reasons.”

Al-Amoush explained, “The first reason is due to the purchasing power of people who buy at the beginning of the Ramadan season, and the second reason is that they have bought everything they need, and during the last days of the month before Eid, the demand is for Eid clothes, sweets and supplies. I can confirm that prices have stabilised since around the 11th day of Ramadan, and things are fine.”