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  • Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 5:48:21 AM
    Last Update : Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:03 PM

Iraqi MP to AWP: U.S. Must “Bow Before the Storm” and Leave Iraq with Minimal Losses

(AWP) - Iraqi member of parliament Moeen al-Kadhimi, who belongs to the Badr bloc, urged the United States to speed up the withdrawal of its forces from the country to bring calm and stability and to avoid military operations targeting those forces.

U.S. forces in Iraq have been subjected to a series of attacks in recent months by armed groups claiming they are retaliating against U.S. support for Israel in its war in the Gaza Strip.

In an interview with the Arab World Press (AWP), Kadhimi said there are many reasons necessitating the withdrawal of U.S. and foreign troops from Iraq as soon as possible.

He said, “There have been serious statements made by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces that the justifications for the presence of foreign troops in Iraq have ended. Currently, the Iraqi army, the federal police, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), counter-terrorism units and the Peshmerga are all capable of controlling the land in Iraq. Experience throughout the previous period has proved that it was the Iraqi effort that liberated the territories and broke the power of Daesh [also known as “Islamic State”]. Accordingly, there is no need for the presence of the international coalition on Iraqi soil.”

Kadhimi continued, “The presence of U.S. forces also leads to clashes with resistance factions inside Iraq that reject the foreign presence. The withdrawal of Americans from Iraq will end these justifications and save Iraq from such clashes as those that occurred recently.”

He pointed out that Iraq is focused on reconstruction and the improvement of services, with the government approving a three-year budget and said, “We do not want to get preoccupied with the presence of U.S. troops inside Iraq.”

The Iraqi lawmaker also cited several reasons why the United States ending its military presence in Iraq would be in its own best interests.

Kadhimi said, “We believe that the U.S. is preoccupied with many problems; whether the Gaza-Israel war and the international and popular reactions rejecting the genocide, or the escalation in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab strait and the targeting of U.S. and Israeli ships.”

He continued, “Additionally, the U.S. has upcoming elections and [U.S. President] Biden does not want to enter new battles in the presence of challenges by the other candidate, [Donald] Trump. There are also economic challenges with China and India.”

“All of these things should compel the United States to respond to the calls, bow to this storm and leave Iraq with minimal losses,” he concluded.