• Cairo

  • Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 1:59 PM
    Last Update : Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 5:30 AM

Inflation Cannot Sour Egypt’s Sweet Eid Cookies

(AWP) - The Egyptian market is witnessing lowered demand for the cookies and sweets of Eid Al Fitr at government-owned or private outlets, amid a soaring unemployment rate and currency value fluctuations.

The prices of Eid Al Fitr cookies are remarkably unstable, affecting citizens’ purchasing power and Egyptians’ celebrations of Eid.

“The effect has been marginal. There are many things whose prices have gone up, like gasoline. This consequently has caused an increase in the prices of edible oil and ghee, and also on flour. That is why the cost of cookies has become higher,” said Islam Mohamed, owner of a confectionery.
“However, the hike is still moderate,” he added.

Mohamed Beshir, an Egyptian man, stated that the best solution for customers is to reduce the amount that they buy.

“Certainly, the price of cookies has gone up, but we still have to buy cookies and biscuits. Perhaps it is not the same amount we would have bought in the past, but there have to be cookies and biscuits in the house,” he added.

“The economic circumstances we are going through at present have forced us to buy a lesser quantity of sweets, but we must still have them a part of tradition,” noted Beshir.

As pressure increases on Egyptian families’ standard of living, some have opted to make the cookies at home, reviving an old tradition that is almost extinct.

“Home-made cookies and sweets are much better, as the ingredients are natural, more hygienic and, of course, less costly,” said Umm Isra’, a housewife.

She recommended making cookies at home, saying that this could once again spread the culture of baking among Egyptian women, and offer them a chance to develop their own baking styles and recipes.

“At Eid, folks all come together. I like to see my family having fun while they have Eid cookies and biscuits,” she added.