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  • Monday, May 13, 2024 at 10:51 AM
    Last Update : Monday, May 13, 2024 at 10:51 AM

Four People Killed in an Israeli Airstrike on a House in Eastern Rafah, Eyewitnesses Say

(AWP) - Eyewitnesses said that four Palestinians were killed in an Israeli bombardment of a house in the Brazil neighbourhood of east Rafah, with the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in its seventh month.

According to the witnesses, the victims were Sameeh Mahmoud Mosleh (65), Manal Sobhi Mosleh (47), Maria Sameeh Mosleh (11), and Ali Hassan Abdel Jawad al-Arja (40).

The witnesses said further Israeli bombing prevented ambulances from reaching the area, leaving the victims lying in the street for an entire day, until they were transferred to the Kuwaiti Hospital today.

A relative of the victims told AWP, “One of my neighbours, who had not evacuated the neighbourhood, called me between Maghreb and Isha prayers [sunset and evening] yesterday and informed me that a missile fired by a drone had struck my uncle, his wife, and his daughter, tearing them to pieces in front of their house.”

He added, “We called an ambulance and they went to the scene, but Israeli planes opened fire on them, so they returned without reaching the bodies. The bodies remained until this morning until we, the families of the victims, were able to retrieve them and bring them here.”

Earlier in the week, the Israeli army issued warnings to Palestinians to evacuate more areas of Rafah and move towards what it described as the “safe area” in al-Mawasi, due to military operations in the city amid Palestinian media reports of heavy shelling.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the number killed in the Israeli war on the Strip had risen to 35,034 people and 78,755 wounded since its outbreak on October 7.