• Nabatieh

  • Friday, February 16, 2024 at 6:15 AM
    Last Update : Friday, February 23, 2024 at 6:17 AM

Eight Killed in Israeli Raid on Nabatieh in Southern Lebanon, Agency Reports

(AWP) - The Lebanese National News Agency said on Thursday that eight people were killed in an Israeli bombardment of the city of Nabatieh, south of the country.

Local resident Hassan Jaber recounted details of the Israeli strike on Wednesday, causing damage to his house.

He said, “Suddenly we heard the first missile, followed by the second. The sound was very loud; the windows in my house shattered. We went out and saw the first responders. There were martyrs. An entire family was in the house.”

Mohammed Bedeir, another Nabatieh resident, accused Israel of a long history of targeting civilians and destroying their homes.

He said, “They bombed Aadchit [al-Qsair] yesterday, destroyed homes, and there were martyrs and children, and in Souaneh as well. This is what Israel has been known for since 1996, and now too, and 2006 as well. This is nothing new for them.”

Bedeir added, “Yesterday, nine martyrs fell, including Hussein Al-Barjawi and his family. It’s a sad thing. We look at the country and we see massacres, and the search is still underway for survivors. They rescued a child yesterday, and the search is still ongoing. No one knows what is happening.”

The Lebanese Hezbollah announced the killing of three of its members in Israeli strikes on Wednesday, adding that it had responded by bombing an Israeli site in the Shebaa Farms area of southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah added in a statement that its fighters had targeted Israeli “spying equipment” at the Ruwaisat al-Alam site in the Shebaa Farms.