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  • Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 9:55 AM
    Last Update : Monday, June 24, 2024 at 5:23 AM

Eid Visitors Bring Hope for a Return of Tourism to Syria’s Tartous

(Arab World Press) -  This year’s Muslim Eid al-Adha coincided with the beginning of the tourist season in Syria’s port city of Tartous, as local and international visitors flocked to it for the first time after years of civil war.

The tourism sector in the Mediterranean coast city was hit hard by over 13 years of war, depriving Syria of a significant financial resources.

Nonetheless, Tartous residents are optimistic about the return of the thriving tourism they had before the armed conflict.

Tartous resident Mohammed said, “After the resumption of journeys for the Hajj from Syria, Eid [al-Adha] became more joyful, people are happy, relations have eased, and the atmosphere is very good. God willing, every year will be good, and everyone will be healthy. Hopefully the situation will improve, and things will come back stronger, God willing.”

Locals expressed their delight at seeing tourists return to the city after several countries lifted their travel ban to Syria.

Sahar, another Tartous resident, said, “There are tourists because countries have reopened travel to Syria, especially tourism in Tartous. You can see the joy and success with your own eyes. Everyone is happy here.”

Tartous is witnessing an influx of visitors, led by Syrian expatriates, who wish to spend the Eid al-Adha holiday and the beginning of the summer season among their families, after years of absence due to war and unrest.

Ahlam, a Syrian living in the UAE, said during her visit to Tartous, “We came from the Emirates. We have been living there for almost 20 years. We came to spend Eid in Syria so that the children can see their country and culture.”

Locals working in the tourism sector are hopeful that the return of visitors to Tartous will contribute to improving the situation in the city, known for its beautiful nature and a moderate climate. Before the conflict, Tartous used to host events, festivals and activities for all ages during the summer period.

Ali, the owner of a tourist facility in Tartous, said, “Regarding the Eid [al-Adha] atmosphere, as the owner of a tourist facility here, I can say that things are very good. There is a turnout from people from inside and outside the governorate, and from abroad. Eid greetings to everyone and may God bring goodness to the people of Syria.”

The current summer season is witnessing several tourism development projects in Tartous, including the expansion of Karnak Beach, expected to become a major tourist attraction in the city.