• Bint Jbeil

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 5:23 AM
    Last Update : Friday, May 31, 2024 at 6:04 AM

Civilian Killed and 10 Wounded in Israeli Raid on South Lebanon’s Bint Jbeil

(AWP) - A civilian was killed and 10 others wounded in an Israeli shelling raid on the area around a hospital in Bint Jbeil town, Southern Lebanon, damaging to the hospital and vehicles parked nearby, according to the town’s residents on Monday.

Fouad Ibrahim, a relative of one of the wounded, said, “This was an attempt to terrorize the people, but we affirm and say to them that we will remain here no matter the sacrifices. We ask God Almighty to heal the wounded who were transferred to several hospitals and to bestow mercy on the souls of the martyrs.”

Hassan Fadlallah, Bint Jbeil’s MP in the Lebanese parliament, said, “We witnessed a new escalation by the Israeli enemy with the targeting of this hospital.”

He added, “This is the primary medical establishment of this area. Patients and visitors were inside during the attack. One man was killed and other civilians were injured.”

The Israeli army announced that it killed a member of the Hezbollah group in a strike on the area of Ainata in Bint Jbeil, which was carried out by its air force, adding that the shelling targeted an area from which rockets had been fired in the direction of northern Israel earlier in the day.

Hezbollah said its fighters had shelled a building used by Israeli soldiers in the settlement of Margaliot, northern Israel, “with appropriate weapons and achieved confirmed hits.”

Later, Hezbollah announced that it had waged a “concentrated fire attack” on the al-Malkia site in northern Israel with guided missiles and artillery shells targeting the site, its equipment and soldiers’ locations.

“Attack drones dropped shells on targets at this site and hit them accurately,” the Lebanese group claimed.

Near-daily exchanges of fire erupted across the borders between the Israeli army on one hand and Hezbollah and armed Palestinian factions in Lebanon on the other since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip last October 7.