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  • Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 6:15 AM
    Last Update : Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 6:15 AM

Civil Defence Volunteers in Syria’s Idlib Continue Working Despite Life-Changing Injuries

(AWP) - People’s prayers of gratitude mean the whole world to Syrian Civil Defence volunteer Hassan Talfah and motivate him to continue his work despite losing his leg in a cluster bomb explosion in Idlib Governorate, northwest Syria.

A volunteer since 2014, Talfah talks about his work with unmatched passion, saying, “This work has become an essential part of my life and I love it very much. This means that I cannot leave it for the fundamental reason of the benefit it brings to people.”

Mohammed al-Kassem is another Syrian volunteer whose arm was amputated following an accident while working with his colleagues to rescue people trapped under rubble.

Recalling the accident that took place in the city of Ariha, Idlib, Mohammed said, “My arm was amputated due to shelling that also injured two of my colleagues. One of them broke his arm and leg, and the other broke his face. About 20 others were also injured.”

“Despite my injury and the amputation of my arm, I continued my work because it is humanitarian work,” he added.

The Syrian Civil Defence (also known as “The White Helmets”) include survey teams and squads specialised in removing unexploded ordnance.
The survey teams collect data from civilians in villages and cities that were bombed and identify areas contaminated with unexploded ordnance, in preparation for the work of the specialised teams to dispose of them.