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  • Wednesday, January 3, 2024 at 4:06 AM
    Last Update : Wednesday, January 3, 2024 at 4:06 AM

Cattle Breeders in Syria Complain of Rising Costs

(AWP) - Cattle breeders in Syria are struggling with the rising costs of livestock rearing, especially due to the high price of fodder, which adds to their burdens in light of the stifling economic crisis.

In the past, Syria, being an agricultural nation, used to produce its own crops necessary for cattle feed, but now faces difficulties in providing fodder for the cattle.

Mohamed Nasser, who owns a cow farm, said “The fodder, medicine and transport are all expensive. When vets make visits, they charge a huge sum of money. Whenever the price of fodder rises, the price of milk and meat also rises.”

Cattle raisers also complain of the inadequate amount of fodder, saying they get insufficient quotas of animal feed from the government.

Ali Ghanim, a cattle breeder, said, “The institution gives us fodder for three months, but it is barely enough for one cow for a week. We cannot provide fodder for all the cows.”

Some raisers said they release their cattle in the open to graze naturally as an alternative to the expensive fodder.

Mazen Nasif, another cattle breeder, said, “What troubles us the most is the price of fodder, and there is not enough for the cows. We had to bring the cattle to the open to graze in nature due to the high prices of feed and barley. We are forced to be out in the pastures in summer and winter.”

Some of the cattle business owners said they have seriously thought about finding alternative livelihoods due to the financial problems facing them, noting that some have already shut down their barns and started other businesses.