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  • Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 1:00 PM
    Last Update : Monday, October 30, 2023 at 5:40 AM

Yemen: Ban on all Motorbikes Sparks Controversy in Aden

(AWP) - A decision by the authorities in the interim Yemeni capital of Aden to ban motorcycles, including three-wheelers, caused uproar amongst the residents of the province, many of whom depend on them to make a living.

Brigadier Abu-Bakr Hussein Jabr, Deputy Director-General of Aden Police, said the decision was taken based on security reports that many motorcycles entered the country illegally and some have been involved in destabilizing the security of Aden. “We have recently noticed that motorcycles have increased in Aden and are causing a lot of trouble. We have received reports related to the security aspect,” Jabr said in statements to the Arab World Press (AWP).

After spending a lot of his money to buy a motorcycle, Adly Aly, who relies on his bike to make a living as a delivery driver, wonders about his fate if the authorities confiscate his motorcycle. “I support my family with income using this motorcycle. It is my source of livelihood. What should I do if they seize it?” he complained.

Security agencies in Aden previously took the decision compelling motorcycle owners to install a third wheel frame to slow them down and consequently hamper their use in operations that could undermine security, such as assassinations.

Abdou Nashir, a citizen from Aden, said the decision was positive but wondered about the alternative. He said, “So many of those who have money purchased a motorcycle. However, security apparatus is no longer able to control motorcycles and they have become a source of nuisance in some places while on the other hand, some people rely on them.”

The decision to ban motorcycles is part of a mechanism for implementing a security plan to prevent the phenomenon of carrying weapons and roaming with them, except for holders of licenses obtained from relevant authorities.

Unauthorised and unregistered vehicles, particularly those coming through the ports of the interim capital Aden from other provinces, are seized pending registration. (One Saudi riyal equals 66.73 Yemeni riyals)