• Port Sudan

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 5:48 AM
    Last Update : Monday, July 15, 2024 at 4:59 AM

Army Ally Says Burhan Approved 10,000 Weapons for Supporters in Central Sudan

(AWP) - The leader of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (RSF)’s centrist coalition chairman, Altom Hajo, announced approval by the Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council Chairman Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan to provide 10,000 pieces of weapons for the local vigilantes in the central Sudan states that includes Sennar, al-Jazirah and White Nile.

Speaking at a press conference in the city of Port Sudan on Monday, Hajo said Burhan has given clear instructions on the need for the local vigilantes to advance to liberate the central Sudan states from the grip of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which wielded control over huge swathes of the three states during the past few months.

“In all our meetings, including the recent one in the state of Sennar, the president was committed to everything he asked for at a limit of 10,000 pieces of weapons. He also made clear directives. I remember them because they are so important. He said he wants the people to keep advancing even for only 10 meters in one day. He does not want the people to stop,” Hajo added during the conference.

He criticized the Sudanese leadership’s failure to get the people in the three central states involved in decision-making and consultation.

He noted that he would set up a committee to follow up the central people’s dues in the forthcoming period, in reference to the new government expected to be formed during the next few days.

“The Sudanese people will not accept any negotiations in the light of continued systematic killing and forced displacement against the Sudanese citizens in general and those in the central Sudan states in particular,” he stressed.

He also rejected the deliberate failure of the agricultural season and starvation of citizens as one of the means of total war on the country.

For his part, Mohamed Sayed al-Jakoumi, the leader of the Sudan Revolutionary Front, revealed that a delegation of the political forces supporting the army will attend the African Union (AU) sessions on July 10-15 to “defend the Sudanese people’s issues.”

“A delegation of the Sudanese political forces supporting legitimacy and the army will head to Addis Ababa to attend the AU talks on July 10-15,” he added.

“I am telling you that your sons who take pride in being with you in your journeys, homelessness, hunger and plundering will defend the Sudanese people’s issue at international forums. The Sudanese Coordination of Civil Democratic Forces (Taqaddum) and its accomplices from global international intelligence agencies will not get a single foothold in Sudan,” stressed Jakoumi.