• Aden

  • Thursday, February 1, 2024 at 7:48 AM
    Last Update : Monday, February 12, 2024 at 12:03 PM

Aden Launches Project to Revitalize Historical Buildings

(AWP) -  Local authorities in Aden, southern Yemen, have launched a comprehensive project for the restoration of old buildings in a bid to promote the city’s cultural and historical heritage.

The project focuses on the directorate of Seera, known to locals as “Crater” referencing its location within an ancient volcanic crater. It is one of the most significant historical districts in the region, due to its ancient architecture spanning across the ages.

Those in charge of the project say its purpose is to revive the heritage and cultural splendour of the old buildings in Crater that have been damaged during years of war.

Mahmoud Najib bin al-Jaradi, the director of Seera district council, said, “Crater is an ancient historical city that has witnessed many civilizations. As the local authority, we are doing our best to preserve the city’s historical heritage and revive it in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way that serves the cultural, historical and touristic character of the city.”

The restoration works encompass ancient structures, engravings and designs, from the old ceilings and windows to the intricately carved wooden doors.

Civil engineer, Mohamed Mansour al-Hadyani, said, “One of the challenges we face with houses is the difficulty of sourcing matching façades because some of the locals have carried out alterations and demolitions. Also, some houses are at risk of collapse due to the shelling from the war.”

Teams of specialist engineers, architects and craftspeople are working hard to preserve the original details and engravings of the buildings.

Local residents are also contributing to the project, driven by their wish to see the rich heritage of their city being revived and its beauty restored, thus boosting tourism and the economy.

Abdel-Hakim Salim al-Nashiri, a Crater resident, said, “We want to have appealing attractions for tourists to visit and learn about our national monuments. The walls of Aden and its historical Main Gate must be restored. As citizens of Crater, we would love to see the arch of Aden’s Main Gate rebuilt.”

Experts in Yemen’s architectural heritage note that the houses in Aden boast a unique architectural character, blending several cultures and ethnicities that have lived there for centuries. The houses are adorned with beautiful windows made of wood and coloured glass.