• Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 7:35 PM
    Last Update : Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 7:35 PM

5 Killed in Israeli Raids, Attacks in West Bank, Says Health Ministry

(AWP) - Five Palestinians were killed in Jenin, Tobas, Nablus and Qabatiya in the West Bank in Israeli attacks and raids, according to the Palestinian health ministry on Sunday.

“Two people were killed in Jenin and a young man of the name Adnan Jihad Beni Awdeh, 19, died after receiving a bullet in the head,” the ministry said on its facebook page.

Eyewitnesses said these two persons were killed after a mosque in Jenin camp was bombed by an Israeli warplane missile.

“My house is nearly 50 meters away. I heard a sound and found out that a missile was fired without earlier warnings. None of the residents in the area has been notified. Everyone is a target. This area has the al-Ansar Mosque, which was marked for shelling,” said Tamim Marwan, an inhabitant of the Jenin refugee camp.

“Each martyr we found was laid on their own bed. None of them has gone anywhere. May God have mercy on the souls of our martyrs. It was a tragedy. They raided Tulkarm and Jenin and later Nablus. All are waiting for their turns. Thank God, our martyrs did not die for nothing. We are praying for the souls of the martyrs here and our people in Gaza,” he added.

The Palestinian health ministry said a fourth young man was shot dead by Israeli army fire during a raid on Nablus, northern West Bank, while a fifth was killed in Qabatiya.

“The tally of the deaths in the West Bank since October 7 went up to reach 90,” the ministry noted.