• Dubai

  • Friday, January 12, 2024 at 6:08 AM
    Last Update : Monday, January 15, 2024 at 4:56 AM

3000 Content Creators Participate in One Billion Followers Summit in Dubai

(AWP) - The second edition of the One Billion Followers Summit - the world’s biggest forum for social media content creators - has kicked off in Dubai, with the participation of 3000 content makers, 7000 visitors, and 100 Chief Executives, collectively followed by more than 1.6 billion people.

“The Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy represents the private sector and the digital economy, of which the content industry economy is an important and influential part," said Saeed Al-Gergawi, Vice-President of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy.

“The role of the Chamber is also to help content makers and content companies join the digital economy in Dubai. Dubai is used as a platform for launch, growth and service of markets inside and outside of the country,” he added.

The two-day summit hosts 100 events and 24 dialogue sessions with 195 speakers from 95 countries, including some of the world’s leading social media pioneers. The latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the world of digital media, investment, finance, and business will be discussed.

The summit will witness the delivery of 15 inspiring talks, and hosts 200 digital content production companies showcasing the world’s latest production technologies.

“I am participating as a content maker in the One Billion Followers Summit in Dubai, a summit that brings together more than 3000 followers and influencers across social media platforms,” said Yasser Abdulrahman, a content creator taking part in the summit.

“It is a very nice opportunity to meet a very large amount of content makers and influencers to exchange experiences, exchange information, and develop workshops that help content makers have a positive influence, enriching the content in the Arab world, the Middle East, and the world as a whole” he added.

In addition to hosting 7000 visitors and more than 100 company presidents and CEOs, the summit offers events and activities that provide a unique interactive experience.

It also hosts 100 digital content agencies, and allows attendees to join content industry experts, creative agencies, and marketing experts in a collaborative environment.